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Party Invitation

Posted by brdesigns on November 12, 2009

My son Jaime will turn 5 years old in December. I just finished his invitation, now to start doing all the decorations.

My the force be with you {I need some of that}

Invitacion Jaimito2


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Real Party {Chacha’s birthday}

Posted by brdesigns on April 28, 2009

We have a new “Real Party” for you that’s loaded with decorating inspiration for those of you that love COLOR!

This is a party that Chacha {sister-in-law} threw for her birthday last week.

Keep reading for lots of pics and all the colorful details.


The garden of her house was turn into a Lounge for all her guests.

White furniture was arranged as a big Lounge where all the guests could be seating and talking comfortably


Two tall red {disco style} and two round tables were added to have more seating. Red tablecloths covered the tables and three vases with  red, purple, orange flowers and green foliage were added as a centerpieces.


The Big tree that is in the middle of the patio was decorated with big  red, orange and white paper lanterns and four orange canopies added a  special touch to the party. The two windows behind the buffet were covered with red and white fabric {where mirrors where hanging} to give more privacy. At night a light behind the fabric gave the appearance of a night club.


Food: Thai Buffet {salmon pasta, salad, chicken, shrimp and meat brochettes, steamed vegetables}

Drinks: all kind of Martinis

Cake: Orange flower with the name made of chocolate on it.

Happy Birthday Chacha!

All the furniture is from Lounge to Go {San Diego, CA}

Lounge to go

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