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Mario Benedetti

Posted by brdesigns on May 20, 2009

Mario Benedetti passed away on May 17. He was 88 years old. He was not well known in the English-speaking world, but in the Spanish-speaking world he was considered one of Latin America’s most important 20th-century writers. Benedetti was extremely important to the Uruguayan society, especially because of his history as an exile and as an outspoken critic during the military dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s.

Many years ago my father gave me as a gift one of his books: “La Tregua” (The Truce)  and I read it on my way to visit my fiance {now husband} in NYC. I cried my eyes out  in the airplane and understand all “Treguas” that we have to make everyday in our lives.

I spent many days and nights reading “La Tregua”, “El cumpleanos de Juan Angel”, “Primavera con una esquina rota” and “La noche de los feos”. I never meet him in person, but knew him through his literature. His words were so simple, that made our generation read poetry. Thank you for the opportunity you gave many people {including me} to read your work.

Many bloggers wrote about the writer and the man. Here is my favorite quote:
“….by dedicating one of his poems that ultimately said the things that one would have wanted to say, but maybe did not have enough talent to say it in such a clear, frank, simple and beautiful way” {Modestamente Humano}




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