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6th Birthday Party

Posted by brdesigns on April 21, 2009

Last month my daughter  princess Vanessa turned 6 years old. When I asked her what she wanted for her party her answer was pretty shocking to me….”Mom I would like to have a Spanish ballerina {flamenco} party”. You can imagine my reaction…I tried to change the theme many times suggesting butterflies, princess, fairies, and the answer was always the same “Spanish ballerina”.

We went to Spain for New Years and bought a Flamenco dress to the princess. She wanted to wear that dress in her party.

I love to organized parties and make everything myself.  For this party I needed to start with the invitation. It was going to set the theme of the party. I designed it as a Spanish Poster. The image of a Spanish Ballerina was in top and all the party information on bottom.

If you like this invitation I can create one for you, 4 different designs are available. Just e-mail me.


We held the party at Pump It Up, so it was not to many decorations I needed to make. But I did them anyway!  For centerpieces instead of added red roses for the party, I made chocolate roses {the kids loved them}, and displayed them in a lollypop stand with the Image of the Spanish Ballerina on top. Red Roses

Also I made a stand full of chocolate marshmallow and added the ballerina image to the stand. Decorated the room with balloons with the theme colors {red, white and black}. The cake was the difficult part. I ordered it from Wegmans with no decoration at all. I made red roses with red icing and added some chocolate red roses and inserted the Spanish Ballerina image as a lollypop.


The goodie bags for the girls were the most fun thing of all. We {Vanessa and I} found these charming bracelets with three charms {Alcala Gate, Fleur-de-lis, and the Spanish Crown}, I also added a sandalwood fan, stickers, red pens and made a couple of hair combs for the girls.  For the boys I found a whiteboards and packages of color pencils. Put them together in a clear bag and designed the front banner with a bull.



At the end the princess was SO HAPPY with her Spanish dress, with all her friends and grandma {who came from Mexico just to be with her}.

For me the party was a huge success and I hope the princess will remember it they way I will.



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